The sill install itself is very simple. From start to finish it took me under 2 hours. I got them from Jerry at Check out his site for a ton of great stuff! Thanks Jerry!



To begin start by testing the sill lights using your car battery. Pop the hood and connect the positive and negative to the respective terminals.
After testing begin to remove radio. I used Mercedes Benz radio removal tools. They are fast, quick and cost about 5 dollars.

Insert keys into slots and pull gently

The red and green wire is the 12 volt constant we will tap into for power

Run the wire down the back to this portion of the sidewall

Pull up all carpeting in the front, Comes up very easy

Align the wire under plastic kick panel

All wires hidden

This is the door switch which will need to be taken apart for the switched ground wire

Push button down on inner side in order to release doorswitch

Stip Black wire cover back for better ability to tap striped wire

Tap Black Ground wire into stripped striped wire

There is plenty of room here in this small corner to hide the transformer

This is how to run the red power wire from the passenger side to the driver's side

This is the easiest way to pass a wire through to the new sill. Just pop out one of the little black knobs

Turn this black knob to the left and unscrew

Tuck wires under this carpet lip to hide

After routing the power behind the seats connect it up to the red transformer wire. Disconnect the door switch on the drivers side and connect that side's black ground to it. The Reasoning behind it is to control each side seperately.

When you are finished wiring make sure you have tapped or otherwise protected all connections from any type of water damage

Sit back and enjoy the new sills. Here are a couple pics of them installed. These pictures don't do them any justice. They are just amazing!

Here is a shot up close during daylight

Another during the day

Same shot as above in the dark

Another one from the distance in the dark

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